Anti-Leak disposable quality pampering baby diaper

Anti-Leak disposable quality pampering baby diaper

Features:  1. Cottony surface good quality baby diaper, with acquisition distribution layer, offering rapid absorption and excellent retention for improved dryness. 2. Double leak guard, made of hydrophobic non-woven, soft stretch elastics in leak guard and leg cuff ensure a close and comfortable fit. 3. High absorbency core, made of SAP(super absirbency polymer), tissue and fluff pulp. 4. Printed cloth like basksheet, waterproof, soft and breathable. 5. Colorful polybag packaging, outer packing is customized, transparent or carton are available   OEM & ODM SERVICES ARE AVAILBALE.

Spring/summer infant knitted men's T-shirt 80/48(orange and white stripes) bag,1 piece/bag

Spring and summer infant knitted short sleeve T-shirt

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20 percent discount for cotton seedling members, 92 percent discount for cotton peach members, and 85 percent discount for cotton members

Cash coupon of $10 for every $218 BBB 0.Store coupons of 20 yuan for every 358 yuan.Store coupon of 50 yuan for every 688 yuan

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